Creating a Measurable Impact

The University of Gloucestershire Immigration and Students Records Manager recently shared his experience of working with InUni compliance team.

“Our experience of working with InUni Compliance has been excellent. The team has demonstrated a deep understanding of UKVI regulations and requirements that we must comply with, and they have provided us with effective and efficient solutions to ensure that we meet all the necessary standards. We have found InUni Compliance to be highly professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. They have always been willing to work with us to understand our unique needs and challenges and have provided us with tailored solutions that have helped us to streamline our compliance processes. Overall, we have been extremely satisfied with our experience working with InUni Compliance.”

University of Gloucestershire

“Working with GUS (InUni) is a delight! They are always there with speed, immediacy, passion, and most importantly, personal care for students’ success and progress. Webster Athens and InUni walk in this path together: to secure our students’ visions toward a creative, successful and self-fulfilling journey to education, knowledge and power.”

Peggy Manouka, Webster University

“My experience of working with the InUni’s Marketing Team has been extremely positive – the team is proactive at sharing information and adhering to pre-agreed approval processes. I've found them to be very responsive, always willing to listen and put forward innovative solutions.”

Deputy Marketing Head, Leading University Partner

“I initially applied to study in the US but was not able to complete the process, luckily the recruiter/advisor that I was working with at Global University Systems suggested the best alternatives. “The service was amazingly smooth, I enjoyed the process as it was hassle-free and I only had to worry about the results, not the process at all as GUS (InUni) did everything for me. My contact at InUni managed to assist me in getting the letters of recommendation from my old employer and the previous university too.

“I am really impressed with the service I received and would be happy to recommend GUS (InUni) to any international student applicants.”

Saipilla Shakirov, Webster Leiden Graduate Student, 2020 (Ukraine)

“I am writing this on behalf of my daughter H. Vaishnavi who got an admission at UK in the University for Creative Arts, for MS in the field of Fine Arts and for getting the Visa approved even during the lockdown period. The InUni, GUS Hyderabad staff, helped us throughout the process, from choosing the right university and doing all the paperwork even after arrival in the country. Our experience with them has been extremely outstanding. I am thankful for the extreme professionalism shown by them. Would highly recommend this institution, for anyone looking to study abroad.”

S. Harikrishnan, Father of H.Vaishnavi, a student